It is the nation’s first processor which uses 3D GPU, and also the nation’s first processor whose basic frequency exceeds 1GHz. Single nucleus and single GPU configuration, integrated video encoding and decoding module and broad interfaces are one of
                                                Specification parameter
                                                • CPU
                                                  Single Core ARM1136? ,Upto 1GHz Single nucleus ARM1136?, the highest basic frequency 1GHz
                                                • GPU
                                                • video processing
                                                  FHD 1080p 30fps encode,supportH.264、MPEG4 video format 720p 30fpsencode,support H.264 and JPEG format
                                                • Video interface
                                                  Support RGB888 output Support ITU 601/656 input Support TS input interface
                                                • Audio interface
                                                  I2S interface
                                                • Memory / storage
                                                  Support 32bit DDR1/DDR2/LPDDR1 400MHz Support SLC/MLC NAND Flash Support NOR Flash Support CF/IDE
                                                • Ethernet
                                                  10/100 MAC
                                                • gps
                                                  GPS interface